“Anna’s classes are fantastic. Her personalised/tailored approach ensures that all levels of ability and experience are catered for and the guidance she provides for each posture helps you to improve week-on-week. I particularly like the way Anna includes visualisation techniques and short meditations to complement the practice. The classes are also informative in terms of understanding the roots of yoga practice and the desired effects of the various asanas explored. Regardless of my mood on arrival, I always leave feeling light-hearted, energised and limber!”

Julia, Marketing Executive


“I always look forward to Anna’s yoga classes because they have such a positive impact on me physically and mentally. Anna is very knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga – the philosophical context as well as the physical and psychological benefits of the asanas / postures. Classes mainly focus on the postures but can include breathing exercises / pranayama and short meditations. The classes are mixed in terms of including those who are new to yoga and those with experience of various yoga styles. Anna is very skilled at generating a supportive, non competitive atmosphere and adapting the postures to the needs of the individuals in the class.  I have been coming for several years now and totally recommend it.”

Cath, Secondary School Teacher


“I have been going to Anna’s class now for over 3 years and continue to get so much out of them. She teaches me to challenge myself, whilst listening to my body and what it needs on that particular day. I always feel calm and centered on my walk back home and I love how she encourages me to incorporate her teachings off the mat too. I will be moving soon and will greatly miss her classes! Thank you Anna x”

Michelle, Occupational Therapist


“I cannot recommend Anna’s classes enough! She has a kind, patient, and knowledgeable approach which would suit a beginner or more experienced practitioner. Whether you want to keep healthy, get more supple, or just lead a more relaxed life, I am sure you will benefit from these classes! Anna works to incorporate the meditation and awareness elements of yoga, which really helps you in developing the postures. I always feel calmer and more mindful afterwards. I hope to come back once I have had my baby!”

Veronica, NHS worker


“As part of a multi-day company event at Lucy Cavendish College in Cambridge, we asked Anna to provide yoga sessions for the whole group (40 people) during two of the mornings, in order to start the day program in a relaxed and balanced way. Not all our colleagues were familiar yet with yoga, so we were happy to experience that everyone participated and showed great enthusiasm afterwards. Anna did a fantastic job in combining the right mix of yoga exercises, matching the needs of a group consisting of beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners, and getting the attention of the entire group with her pleasant voice. We all found her very amicable too and would definitely recommend her!”

Elise, House of Performance Netherlands


“Anna delivered a sensational retreat today. Beautifully combining yoga and meditation. I left feeling light and open. Anna is calm, relaxed and sincere in sharing her love of yoga and meditation. Thank you for such a great day. Lokah, samastah, sukhino, bahvantu xx”

Jackie G

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Sarah Wordsworth

    I have recently started attending Anna’s class in Great Shelford (approx. 8 weeks) primarily to strengthen my back following two episodes. I have found that not only have I benefited physically from the class but I have also begun to learn and see the mindful benefits.

    Anna is a natural teacher, she is wonderfully calm and approachable which you hope for when you start a new class.

    I can not recommend Anna more, I only wish I could attend her classes every night!

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