Yoga one-to-one classes

I am currently on maternity leave and not offering 1-2-1 yoga for the time being.

Anna offers 1-2-1 yoga classes that can be tailored to address your specific physical, mental and emotional requirements. 1-2-1 classes are especially valuable if you are a complete beginner wishing to learn the fundamentals of yoga before joining a larger group class, or if you have specific areas you’d like to work on with the additional support and guidance that can be provided in a one to one environment.

Anna is also a fully qualified restorative yoga teacher and offers 1-2-1 restorative yoga sessions.

Restorative yoga sessions focus on facilitating support, rest and deep relaxation for the body and mind. They differ from regular yoga classes in that within restorative yoga we are looking to contain and support the body rather than build strength, stretch, and progress the asana.

A typical restorative yoga session will involve gentle standing and seated warming-up asanas followed by more therapeutic and passive postures which involve the use of yoga props (cushions, bolsters and blocks) to calm the nervous system and encourage the letting go of physical, mental and emotional tension and stress.

How does restorative yoga work?

  • The use of props provides complete containment and support for the body facilitating deep relaxation and the release of muscle tension.
  • Each session is designed to increase the health of the spine by moving it in different directions (gentle backbends, forward bends and twists).
  • Supported inversions reverse the effects of gravity (as simple as resting your legs over a bolster) altering hormone levels, and thus reducing brain arousal, blood pressure, and fluid retention.
  • Massages the internal organs through compression and extension in asana, resulting in increased efficiency and function. (1)


(1) Hanson Lasater, Dr Judith. Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga For Stressful Times. Rodmell Press, 2011